An introduction to the Lateef Project and why we need funds

The Lateef Project is a community led counselling skills phone line for Muslims and people related to the Muslim community in Birmingham, a confidential emotional support service available at the cost of a call. The service uses male and female volunteers trained in Islamic counselling to a level where they can support you with understanding of the sorts of issues that happen in our lives.


The Lateef Project has been serving the Muslim community since 2010 initially as a social enterprise now as a registered charity. The Lateef project accepts both Charitable donations and Zakat much of the work of the Lateef Project is with the poor and the needy (Al-Fuqara, Al-Masakin). Our work being both Islamic and and form of counselling is concerned with the reconciliation of Hearts Al Mu'allafate-Qulubuhum. And of course our work with refugees Ibnas- Sabil is with travellers who have left their homes for lawful and good reason.  



What We Do

Our service will help you resolve your issues or reach your goals InshaAllah (God-willing). It specialises in working with the Muslim community who can, in confidence, talk to a Muslim trained in Islamic counselling skills about all kinds of matters. If we are unable to help, we will do our level best to support callers by signposting to a local or national service.



Why the Need

1 in 7 people in Birmingham is Muslim, coming from a variety of ethnic groups. Muslims make up the second biggest faith group in all of Birmingham. However little is still known about the mental health needs of these communities. The Aap Ki Awaaz Project found that 83% of a predominately Muslim sample believed that Muslims prefer to keep mental illness a secret. This is a huge problem with severe consequences which are affecting the community as a whole. As a result this could not be ignored hence the Lateef Project.



Who Provides the Service

The service is mainly staffed by both male and female volunteers who we provide training for in VRQ's Level 2 and 3 in Islamic Counselling and Theory.



How Your Donation Will Be Used

With the help and generosity of the community so far the Lateef Project has been able to make a difference to the lives of many in the Ummah who have been in distress and confusion about the help they need. To ensure this groundbreaking initiative continues we need financial help to help the Project expand and develop to meet the needs of our service users. Your donation will be used to provide appropriate training for volunteers, admin costs, and raising awareness and promotion of the service.



How to Donate

Simply download and complete the Standing Orders form below and mail back to us.


 The Lateef Project Standing Orders Form




We thank you for your generosity and kind support.