Information on volunteers, volunteering for the Lateef Project and volunteer training 






 The Lateef Project is a community based counselling skills service. This means that it is people of the community who serve the community. Our volunteers are trained in Islamic counselling so as to ensure that they are competent to support people who are experiencing difficulty or distress. The Lateef Project makes a significant commitment to its volunteers through its training. The training is in two parts consisting of two NVQs, NVQ Level 2 in Islamic Counselling Skills and NVQ Level 3 in Islamic Counselling Theory. This training in total takes about a year and is to ensure that are people are competent to working effectively with the needs of the community. Volunteers do not need previous experience in counselling. When volunteers have completed both of these NVQs they are competent to support people using counselling skills with the stuff of everyday life from bereavement to redundancy and more. In the case of callers needing a more therapeutic service our volunteers will support people who are experiencing mental health problems to access the appropriate level of support that they need.



Training in Islamic counselling is provided to volunteers under contract that they commit to completing the training and to providing a minimum of three hours a week volunteering over 18 months to the Lateef Project. The Lateef Project recruits and trains its volunteers to meet its needs to provide a service to the community. Training is provided free however trainees must pay a deposit on enrolling on training which is reimbursed when they are volunteering.


Unfortunately at this time due to funding difficulties the Lateef Project is not running any training programmes in Birmingham