About the Lateef Project

The Lateef Project is a community led counselling service for Muslims and people related to the Muslim community in Birmingham, a confidential emotional support service available at the cost of a call. The service uses male and female volunteers trained in Islamic counselling to a level where they can support you, with understanding of the sorts of issues that happen in our lives.



Our service will help you resolve your issues or reach your goals, Insha'Allah (God willing). It specialises in working with the Muslim Community who can, in confidence, talk to a Muslim trained in Islamic counselling skills about all kinds of matters.


Our volunteers are male and female, from a wide age range, different communities and different schools of Muslim thought. The service is open to any Muslim in Birmingham over the age of 14, it is a non-judgmental counselling service.





About Islamic counselling

Islamic counselling is based on the Quran, Sunnah and teachings of nafsiyat, based on Tauhid it works at a spiritual, psychological, emotional, and social level. It is a present day application of Islamic teachings and counselling skills to enable balance mental health and well-being and to enable Muslims to live more resourcefully. Our volunteers are trained in counselling skills to a level where they can assist the everyday problems of life and if need be, help Muslims to access other services around mental health.


The Lateef Project has close links with Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust and with Birmingham Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services and can support.   


We take confidentiality very seriously, so we hope you will feel confident that your call will be held in trust by us. 






To contact us so that we can put you in touch with a counsellor call:



07871 991380








After assessing your referral we will then get a counsellor to call you back shortly



You can call Monday to Friday


between 9am and 3pm



End of year services 


The Lateef Project telephone line will be closed


for a short end of year break from 




and reopen on the






Some issues you may want to talk about:






Relationship difficulties

Difficulties at work

Bereavement and other losses

Family problems


Sexual abuse


Anger management

Domestic violence

Coping with caring or ill health


Low self confidence


Or someone to talk things through with…